Monday, August 6, 2007

Wild love and play!

Anirudh has recently started to show his love and affection in the wildest possible way! Really really WILD way. He will press my cheeks, pull them, pinch me, bite me, jump over me and do just about anything. And it hurts, If you remember my earlier post on how he pulls my cheeks and say "Mumma Cheekoo". I then used to think that was quite wild enough. But what I didn't know was that he had much more wilder things in store for me. The only funny part when he does all this to me is when he keeps saying in between "Aur Mittal!"(And Mittal!) (our surname).

And its not just about showing love in this wild manner but while playing also he behaves so wildly. He would climb over my tummy, jump on it *ouch* hurts really bad then and so many times land on my tummy on his knees. He wants to box and today he boxed me right on my lips and GOD! That hurt so much. For about 10 mins they were quite swollen. I wanted to whack him right there and then but I just held on and told him with a frown on my face that it hurts Mumma. And when he knows he has hurt the other person, he behaves in such a funny way. He gets so defiant and will start shouting "No" every few seconds till the time I keep looking at him with a glare. And then he himself will way "No talking to you!" (trying to copy my sentence - I'm not talking to you!)

But today there was a bit of a change soon after he said this sentence after punching me on my face. He came to me and asked me in such a sad voice "Mumma, aap mere se baat nahi karoge?" (Mumma, you won't talk to me?). This is when I hadn't said anything to him besides that his punch hurt me. So I told him again "You hurt Mumma! Mumma ko bhi dardee hoti hai"(Mumma also feels the pain). So with an even sadder face he goes "Nahi, Mumma baat karegi!" (No, Mumma will talk to me) and he came over, hugged me and clung to me like a little monkey! And then he kissed me on that part of the lip where he had punched me and clung to me again.

Me being a typical Mom, all anger vanished into thin air and I also kissed him back.

But all things apart, is this wild thing a phase too? I know I try to restrict his cartoon watching where there is fighting and lot of action. But I do let him watch Tom & Jerry and Popeye quite a bit. Do you think I should restrict it too? Because there's lot of whacking and hitting in Tom & Jerry and in Popeye where lot of fights between Popeye and Brutus are shown.
But then its only because of Popeye that he started to have spinach :P because spinach makes him a strong boy just like Popeye!

*Sigh*...karoon to kya karoon?


  1. Funny, but Rishab does similar things when he hurts me. He also keeps saying either just "No" or "No, I didn't hurt you" And also gets sad. I feel that he himself feels hurt and didn't have the intention of hurting me. And maybe finds it hard to accept the fact that I didn't like what he just did and that it hurt me.
    I am also a bit confused in such situations. But I do tell him strictly that it is not OK. And I am also afraid that he might do something similar to some friend and hurt him. I don't know...

  2. These kids keep us wondering so much all the time...:)

  3. I am also dithering over T&J or no T&J.Sometimes Sonny boy shows absolutely no compunction over a hurts he it the Tom effect or the Jerry effect?

  4. My seven-and-half-month old already punches and kicks the hell out of me, not to mention the painful hair pulling! :) So you have company, nm!