Monday, June 2, 2008

Celebrating the end of the summer camp..

I wonder if the celebration was because "Glad thats its over!" or was it because they felt "It went well!" :D

Anyhow, whatever be the reason, the function was pretty decent and all the kids were pretty excited. Anirudh and the gang of boys danced to song "Hare Ram Hare Ram" from the movie Bhool Bhullaiyya.

Here are some pics:

With his gang of boys! He is about 4-5 months older than the rest.

Dancing to the song!

The cutest part was when all these kiddies started to do twist during the bit of the pop portion of the song. It was so cute to see these little kiddies shaking their bums :)


  1. thazt so cute.. so betu is multi talented :-D good good :)

  2. Its nice to see bunch of boys, look at them trying to look all grown up.. Here, mostly all girls.. couple of boys in our circle of friends, they feel so out of place amidst girls :)
    A is pretty tall eh?

  3. damn cute! and what what hep kurta!! :D

  4. hip hop party?....that group snap was damn good:)