Sunday, June 8, 2008

Listening music with Nanu

Today he asked nanu to put on the headphones and to play some music. Nanu, but obviously, obliged and played a song. After listening to the song for 5 seconds he said "yeh to achha nahi hai".

So Nanu played another one but again was rejected by Betu as "achha nahi hai". This kept happening for the 5-6 songs and then betu declared "aapke paas to purane gaane gaane hain" in a very matter of factly tone. :) We all had such a laugh! And Nanu replied back saying "an Nanu bhi to purane hain!"

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. LOL! Nanu kya ...even we cannot match their taste. Aryan likes rock!

  2. Wow Swati, cool!
    Nm, just wanted to mention that he is looking so cute in the pictures!

  3. HEhehehe..Sho shweet!! Nanu and navasa.both looking cute! You guys at Nanu's? ARE you getting pampered,~Nm?

  4. hehe! now nanu will have to have kra zzz y with him too!! ;)