Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dadu ka chela!

Anirudh has been very fond of his Dadu as might have been obvious from some of the posts I've written. You scold him and if he cries, he will cry asking for "Daaduuuu..". So his Dadu is his friend, his saviour, his everything.

His Dadu-Dadi are visiting us currently and he is having a blast at home with them! He went for a haircut with his Dadu yesterday. And also managed to make his Dadu buy him gems from the market.

He wants his Dadu to change his clothes. Today morning he wanted his Dadu to brush his teeth.

He has been sleeping next to his Dadu since they came. And yesterday when he wanted to sleep between both of them and Mummy moved him to her side to protect him from the direct exposure to A/C, he walked off from their room and came to ours.

And he is even ready to go to Jaipur back with his Dadu this time! I'm open to the idea since he will have company of his cousins Prakhar and Pallav and he cane come back with them after a week. But somehow Hubby is not sure about it.

So now you get the picture? He breathes Dadu, he sleeps Dadu, its just Dadu everywhere! And but of course Dadu is basking in this shower of love from his Beti! Yes his Dadu calls him "Meri beti!" :D

Edited to add: When I reached home in the evening, I learn't that he had his bath with his Dadu! Now I'm wondering what will it be next! :D


  1. The bond b/w grandparents and grandchildren is so beautiful, isn't it??

  2. Yes, the bond is so special and so good and valuable too. A cute post.

  3. hmm..lucky boy:)..i never got a chance to spend quality time with my grandfathers!...

  4. he is soo like me in this case.. my daddu was like that to me, and i didnt had any problems satying with them even if my parents r not around.. :)

  5. Hey exact same with Vansh as well ..he breathes Dada, sleeps dada, insists that dada brush his teeth, karao nai-nai to him and also potty dho for him :)) wheh he is with him :)

  6. Something with kids and grand parents, they just seem to bond like glue at the very sight.
    Reminds me how D behaved when her naani was here. She still misses her. Just last week, when I told her maama and maami are coming to visit her, her response was - Naani is also coming?
    Why can't we all stay together, always. sigh! I miss my mom now!!

  7. :)

    remind me i have to do a post on Cubby's dadu!!

    i think going to jaipur is a great idea!! esp seeing how comfy beti err betu is with him!


  8. Where did my earlier comment go?
    Anyway, it's so beautiful to see a child forge strong bonds with his/her grandparents. As it is, children take a back seat to grandparents once grandkids arrive on the scene. Anirudh is lucky to have such a loving nanu. :)

  9. Lucky you... I wish the brat is so in love with his Dadu and I get some free time... :D Just kidding. Anyway enjoy your kid's time with his Dadu :)