Thursday, June 12, 2008

My little preacher!

As I was getting ready to leave for work, Anirudh comes up to me, with the pointing finger tells me "Aap office mein acche se kaam karna. Fir jaldi ghar aa jaana." I had to really hold back my laughter and with the most obedient face had to say "Ok betu!" :D

These days since he is at home with Dadi-Dadu, he is the one who sees us off when we leave for work and welcomes us when we come back.


  1. hehe!!

    i am sending kabir to your ghar now!! :p

  2. Cute :)
    I am waiting for that day when I would step out to work. When I tell my daughter that I really do work from home, she tells me "playing" in the laptop is not work. Only papa works. Go figure!

  3. thats the exact same thing that my mom tells my dad every day

  4. so cute! isn't it fun to have him welcome you home!! :)

    lol! quite the little man, isn't her?

  5. hahaha!!! cute!!! and instead of doing just that, you dream about him at work instead?

  6. Lol! Quite the guardian angel you have in Betu :)