Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mehendi tattoo!

Last to last weekend when I had gone to lajpat nagar market, Betu saw these mehendiwala's sitting in a line! He got so excited thinking they were the tattoo guys! And this is what he got done! :)

All the time we were given strict instructions to keep away lest we smudge his precious tattoo!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. More pics with the mehendiwalla's included would have been fun to see also! So did it show up nice n red a few hours later? Was he excited when you washed it off?

  2. hehee cute..
    BTW,I forgot to tell u..our kids birthdays and our hubbies birthdays are one day apart.coincidence :)

  3. Nantu calls it tattoo too!! loved the ghutta story too.. am going to go and make one for myself now!!

  4. Wass gonna ask the same Q noon had. What was his reaction when it was time to wash it off?

  5. What's it with these littel guys & tatoos?? they cannot seem to have enuf of them. I loved Ani's tattoos & all the other posts that I had missed on my vacation. "Guttas" sounds so cute.