Friday, June 20, 2008

He wants a pet!

About 2 months ago Betu had shown a desire to have a pet at home. But after that there was no mention of it until today evening. After I picked him up from his daycare, as he settled in his seat and buckled himself up he blurted "Mumma hum ek bird le kar aayenge". I asked him if he meant as a pet to which he confirmed "Haan. Woh hamare saath rahegi".

I tried to explain to him why we can't keep one "Par aap school jaate ho fir daycare aur mumma-papa office jaate hain, to uska dhyan kaun rakhega? Usko khana kaun dega?" He replied "Main usko daycare se jab aayunga tab khana de dunga" I again said "Par usko lunch kaun dega?"

He thought for 2 seconds and said "Uski Mumma bana dengi" I smiled and said "par hum to ek bird layenge na?". "Nahi, hum ek bird layenge aur uski Mumma bhi le kar aayenge" he replied promptly. I again tried to reason with him that Mumma-bird will also need to be fed. So I guess that hit the target and he kept thinking, a little confused and a little disappointed. Since it was such a sincere request from him to have a pet at home and I couldn't see him so disappointed I asked him "Aapko fish pasand hai? Hum ek fish le kar aayein?" His eyes opened wide in amusement and he said "Fish!" I nodded my head and added further "Fish din mein ek baar khana khati hai na. To aap usko subah school jaane se pahle khana khila dena fir shaam ko school se aa kar de dena".

His happiness was quite apparent with his sparkling eyes. He asked me next as to what do the fish eat. When I told him they have special food, he asked me if they eat roti. When I said no and repeated they have a special food that we will need to buy from market he continued "Par main usko bahut chhoti chhoti karke roti de dunga. Unko roti pasand lagti hai". I just smiled and didn't say anything.

So now this weekend I have to go and buy a fish bowl with maybe one or two fishes in it. I just hope he doesn't fiddle with them when I'm not watching!


  1. Just sharing my experinece ..I bought 2 goldfish in a fishbowl for my husband on our anniversary and one of them died the next morning. I replaced it with another one. We kept the bowl for a week and it needed to be cleaned every 2 days, changing water and adding de-stresser etc because the water got too foggy. And another one died after a week. We returned the one living fish because we felt so guilty. Do some internet research before buying fish. I learnt that goldfish are not suited for bowls. See which ones are.

    Happy petting :)

  2. Nidha, Neera, in my opinion, is quite right. That was my first thought too, if the fishes will survive it for long. Infact, someone told me the smallest size of an aquarium should be 100 liter. But, whatever you should decide for, there should be a source of oxygen in the aquarium. A small pot is just too small. An aquarium is also like a small ecosystem, where the fishes need more than just food. Plants can also be one source of oxygen. But then if you go to a good pet shop, it will be able to guide you, what are the basic requirements and the care and all.

  3. awww! look at the perfect mommy!! :)

    yes, we had similar experience with goldfish and it was really sad! we wondered do fish ka khayaal nahi rakh sakte toh bacche ka kya rakhnege!! :(

    so gold fish is defi no-no me thinks!! check with the aquarium guy and get a strong fish for Anirudh! i cant imagien his haertbreak if something goes wrong! :(


  4. cho chweet... but as people have warned u beware fishes need a lot of care too :) wish happy petting to betu :) and also prepare him mentally as some of them are bound to die in the process of learning as well as they dont have a long life