Friday, June 27, 2008

He is so funny!

About an hour ago, me and betu went visiting Avi Bhaiyya who live in the next lane from our house. As Anirudh and Bhaiyya were playing, Bhaiyya saw a bruise on his forehead. On asking how did betu get hurt

Betu: "Samrat ne jump kara to mere ko lag gayee."

Bhaiyya: "Samrat kaun hai?"

Betu: "woh mera friend hai"

Bhaiyya: "par friend to nahi maarte?"

Betu: "woh naughty boy hai"

Bhaiyya: "aur aap naughty nahi ho?"

Betu: "Nahi to"

Me: "aap naughty nahi ho?"

Betu: *shakes his head in negative*

Me: "kaunse angle se?"

Betu: "mere angle se"

We all burst out laughing at this statement of his! I'm sure he didn't understand his own statement. :)

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. u asked abt the klueless level 25..can u give me the URL of this level...i dont remember the exact hints..long time since i did :)..will remember once i see them probly

  2. Ha Ha Ha....
    I am actually ROTFLing. Oh my.

    Such a cutie pie he is ! But in a way he is absolutely right. I am with him.

    You know what ? When I open my reader, his is the FIRST blog I read. ALWAYS.

    Give him tons of hugs & kisses from me.


  3. LOL! He is just so great! Superb!
    puchchas , lots of them, to him

  4. Sometimes kids say the funniest things, and sometimes darnest things. Enjoyed the humor :)

  5. Anupam and I had a great laugh yesterday , reading this :)

    We also read some of your old posts :)

  6. he is just too cute!! :)

    least his angle is all correct!!