Monday, June 16, 2008

Yeh baatuni ladka!

I asked him to go pee-pee like I always do before putting him to bed. I asked him to sit on the pot and do it. He comes back and tells me "aise to girls karti hain. Boys to khade ho kar karte hain!" (girls do it that way. Boys do it standing!). We both were speechless and hubby couldn't help but say "kya observation hai!"


About an hour ago me and hubby were talking about things in general when he started to tease me. So I rolled up the newspaper I was reading and started to hit hubby with that! Betu turned around and with the most disapproving look, shook his head and said "Galat baat! Ab aapse koi baat nahi karega!" (very bad! Now no one will talk to you) and went ahead to pacify hubby as if I had hurt him! Hubby and I both had to control our laughter!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. Seriously, great observations! It must be so much fun to have him around - his one-liners and quips always bring a smile to my lips!

  2. he he thats a genuine smile put on my face ...
    loved it

  3. I would agree with ur hubby on his observation :-))

  4. :) thazt good oberservation :)