Friday, January 25, 2008

All dressed for the Republic day celebrations at school!

Since Republic Day celebrations were to take place at Betu's school, I decided to dress him up in traditional outfit of Kurta-Pyajama. And luckily I had a new pair that his Bua had gotten for him recently. SO this was a good excuse for me to make him wear it :)

When he was all dressed up I think he looked like just a little Maharaja! More aptly a 'Kunwar Sa'ab" :D

Have a lookie...

The first picture is yet another example of diplomatic smile-for-the-camera smiles. Total fake one! :D


  1. He looks so cute and sweet, even with his so-called 'fake' smiles. And yes he does look like the chote kunwar. Ek photo Bare Kunwar ke saath le lena. Accha rahega :-)

  2. Cute, he looks. Those shoes, wow.

  3. He looks so cute in this picture. Totally nawab cut :)