Saturday, January 12, 2008

He never faults!

Right now we are sitting at Betu's homeopath. As we were waiting, Betu asked me if I have got the doctors paper. He meant the prescription. :)

When I told him that I have it in my bag, he wanted to hold it. And I gave it to him without a second thought.

He kept unfolding and folding it and a little while later he tore it a little during all this. When I told him that doctor uncle will now scold him he became ast with the most upset looking expression with head drooping down a little. And I was thinking that he has understood that he has done something wrong and is feeling sorry.

But I was so wrong! A minute later he tells me "Doctor uncle aapko daantenge" (doctor uncle wll scold you). When I asked him why, he tells me "Aapne mujhe paper diya tha na, isliye aapki galti hai" (Since you gave me the paper, its your fault) "Aapko paper nahi dena chahiye tha na mujhe" (you shouldn't have given me the paper).

Rolling my eyes...

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  1. hahaha ..this is so typical. I am sure Vansh would do the same once he gathers enough vocab to do that.

  2. Hahaha the poor dear was all upset over you getting the daant!