Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am a Chyavanprash boy!

He just loves to eat Chyavanprash! After a big spoonful he asks for another but we have to say no. Frankly I am so glad that he likes it. What more can a parent ask from a child - to demand for good for health stuff! :)

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  1. I wonder how he is when it comes to other health stuff- like vegetables and daal.
    Although, I remember very well how you were. :)
    Rishab is beginning to make tantrums now. Earlier he would eat almost everything.

  2. So far so good is what I can say about eating veggies. Touch wood!! I remember Anirudh was also getting fussy about eating them at one stage but dear ole Popeye came to mumma's resuce. :)

    So by telling him if he eats dal and subzi, he will get big and strong, I've managed to make him eat them till now. :)