Wednesday, January 9, 2008

He is so adorable!

I know I have said this zillion times before but I can't resist saying it again and again when he does or says something such as what I'm going to write now.

This happened about an hour ago. I was having dinner at the dining table and he comes up to me with his hands behind his back, held together and with a very straight face says "Mujhe aap se kuchh baat karni hai" (I want to talk to you about something) I was so dumbstruck and almost froze hearing him say that.

With the morsel still in my hand which I was about to eat, I said, "Bolo!" (Tell me)

And then we had little bit of our conversation and only when he was satisfied with my answer that he said "OK". So I asked him "Aapko aur kuchh baat bhi karni hai?" (Do you have any other thing that you want to talk about?)

He very plainly replied, "Nahi. Bas yahi baat karni thi." (No, this was the only thing)

He has suddenly started talking in such a matured way that it leaves me with mixed feelings. It makes me happy that he is growing up and sad that my little baby is not so little anymore. I guess we mothers are made like that :)

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  1. oh, he is so cool. I feel the same way when my kids come and say that they want to talk to me about something !!

  2. I understand your mixed feelings... Kevin is just 4 months old and I already miss the newborn one!

  3. my dude is nearly 6 months old and already he has lost that innocent look in his eyes. now you can sense that he is understanding and evaluating stuff and has developed feelings beyond wet, dry, hungry and sleepy.

    our kids are maturing faster than we did, who ourselves were faster than our folks. i guess we are approaching the animal kingdom. soon, like horses and lions, our kids will be ready for their first kill within MONTHS of being born :-)

    P.S: i echo your subject line-- he IS so adorable!

  4. I can only repeat what I said before: good that you put it up here, or wrote it down. :) he is just great! Touch wood!

  5. So sweet little boy...Being here for the first time...Nice blog
    Aryan's mom