Wednesday, January 9, 2008

His portrait!

Anirudh loves to keep drawing something or the other or just simply writing the alphabet. And when he is in a mood to write the letters from the alphabet, he will not follow the sequence. He will write them out in random order. And sometimes he has filled up the entire A4 sheet of paper with just the alphabet. And then it looks nothing less than the inscriptions of hieroglyphics from the stone ages :)

Here is the drawing which he first called as 'A baby" and then later as "Meri picture" (Self portrait) after he was done :)

Whatever it is, whether a baby or his own portrait I found it cute enough to put it up here!


  1. If it's a baby, then the proportions of the head and the body are quite accurate :-)

  2. :-) Oh, another similarity between him and Bubbly(even though there's a few years age difference). She loves drawing pictures too and writing notes for us.

    Lovely self potrait ! I just love this little guy of yours, specially his baatein !!

  3. It's cute and it's just lovely! Good that you put it up here. :)

  4. This picture reminds me of Jadoo (Koi mil gaya fame) without its dress.