Monday, January 28, 2008

Such are the pleasures for the little heart!

Everytime I see Betu enjoying such little things that we never think of, I feel so happy, so contended and so thankful to God for giving me such an adorable sweet little child.

The pictures are from a birthday party just after the khoi bag(not sure what it is called) was thrown open for children to pick up stuff amongst the confetti and while all the other children were busy collecting pencils, erasers, sharpeners and chocolates etc, my sweet little son, like always, was busy collecting the confetti. :)

He was so amused with shiny, glittery and different shapes and sizes of confetti. He would pick them up and throw them up in the air. Since there was strong wind, the confetti was flying quite high in the air and was glimmering with the rays of sun! It actually looked beautiful to see sparkling things flying in the air. And he was so awed and so happy! :D

Could we adults ever think of trying to find such happiness, such pleasures from such things? I am sure the answer would be no, a big NO! We have become way too materialistic.

Time and again Betu teaches me how little little things are all around us which can make us happy but only if we want and try to see.

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  1. Yes, I find it amazing and lovely too to see our children find such great happiness in such simple things. Things which you never thought would fascinate them. Lots of love to him from mausi. It is almost only a month and I'll get to see him. WOOOOOW!

  2. very very sweet.. :-) Give him a hug from me

  3. This reminds me of days when I used to collect scrap from punching machine. Once the bag is full, I used to throw it in air and get delighted watching the tiny round pieces fall on me.

  4. aaaww...this reminds me of how my sons would do the same...and I would be left open mouthed....and then when the older borther brougth back gifts he would sulk...
    I can understand the amazement in the kids eyes... so cute

  5. Very sweet. Actually we relearn our childhood innocence and try to derive happiness out of small things again, seeing our kids, I think. Isn't it?