Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Treasures from the pocket!

These are what I found in his pocket today. It includes 4 pieces of play dough or clay and one black plastic thing. I don't know what it is but looks like a cover. I know it was from one of the paint sets that we had bought for him about 2 months ago. But I don't remember what exactly was the purpose of it.


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  1. very! I wonder if he also says something about them, or did you talk to him about it? It is facinating.

  2. awww
    this is such a cute thing to blog about. kids are just Lovely!!!

  3. Boys ! I did a post sometime back on what all wierd stuff I found under my son's pillow.

  4. These are things that kids treasure!! :)

  5. Ahh what is that black plastic thing?
    Aryan's mom