Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The tales of the hair!

Yes hair and not hare : )

He is right now standing in front of the mirror and combing his hair. He ruffled them up after I had combed them saying "Yeh achha nahi hai" (This is not good).

And just now he came to me asking "Yeh achha lag raha hai na?"(This is looking good, right?) and when I said "Nahi" (No) he, in a very matter-of-fact tone, told me "Aap galat bol rahe ho" (you are saying it wrong which basically meant he wanted me to answer in yes).

Then he asked his papa and when hubby answered "yes" he turns to me and says "Dekha Papa ne theek bola hai" (see, papa said the right thing). So basically he wants us to say 'yes' when he expects a 'yes' :D

In fact on Sunday when I was giving his hair a trim, when I was done he asked me "Main cute lag raha hoon?" (am I looking cute?) hehehe

I wonder how he is going to behave when he grows up and is in his teens. He already is so particular about his looks.

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  1. Beauty concious already?! :)

  2. Thank god he did not ask you .. "Main Hansome lag raha hoon na" or "Main hot lag raha hoon na "..hehehhehe..;-)

  3. I have noticed in some of the earlier blogs as well, that he is notices how people around him are looking. I'm glad atleast he has a better sense that I did at his age.

  4. I think it's normal and it is OK. As the chances are high that once he is grown up he wouldn't be so particular anymore. Which is OK too. I'm teling you that from my personal experience :)