Sunday, January 6, 2008

He is so smart!

After watching the movie "Taare Zameen Par" we went to pizza hut for dinner.

Anirudh was really being naughty and was testing my patience. So once I showed my hand to him saying he will get one big pitti if he doesn't behave. And can you imagine what he did? He started giving puchhas to on my hand and then gave me one too many on my cheeks.

After this who can remain angry? He really knows how to handle people good!

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  1. pitti and puchki!

    that guy knows how to oil his way up the ladder :-)
    very cute post and cuter pic

    and u comfy writing complete blog-posts on the Blackberry? am impressed.

  2. Vidooshak: Ohh he swell knows how to twist his parents around his fingers :D

    Yeah..because of the suretype thingie in it, it makes writing easy on Blackberry.

  3. Ohh Aryan does this already..these kids are way too smart for us !!