Friday, June 22, 2007

"Ab aapki turn hai!"

It was around 8:45 PM (yesterday) if I remember correctly. I was starting to put one load of laundry in the washing machine. Betu's papa was talking to his Dadu at Jaipur. Since he also wanted to talk, DH stopped his conversation and gave the phone to betu thinking he will continue after Betu is done talking.

(I don't have the other side of conversation since it was our cordless without a speakerphone. So I'm putting his Dadu's conversation in grey as I'm assuming he must have said that!)

Betu : Dadu? Aap kya kar rahe ho?
(I prompt him to say namaste)

Dadu : "Aap kaise ho?"

Betu : Namaste. Main theek hoon..

Dadu : must "Aap kya kar rahe ho?"

Betu : Main laptop dekhne ja raha hoon

Dadu : "Aap Pogo dekh rahe ho?"

Betu : Nahi Pogo nahi. Pogo mein fighting aata hai. Woh ganda hai!

Betu : Ok. Bye

And then Betu came to me and wanted me to talk. But since I knew DH's conversation was pending so I told him "Nahi..papa ko de do..!"

He replied back in a stern voice "Nahi..ab aapki turn hai. Papa ki turn ho gayee!" Hehehe...

So I spoke to my FIL and when I told him what Betu said, he had a hearty laugh!


  1. NM,

    Thanks for visiting ! And I would never say a mother is ruthless for sending a child to daycare - we all have our reasons. And read some more of my posts - my MIL sent her son to a creche in 1975 when he was 7 mos old !!!!!! And if you ever have a doubt if sending a child to daycare so early lowers his attachment to you , my hubby is so attached to his mom coz he knows she struggled for him. So Amen !

    I think you are so right about parents needing to be stronger when they let a child out of their private circle of family people. Keep in touch !

  2. Nidha, this is all sooooo funny! Wish I was there to see him too.