Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Mujhe dikhane nahi de raha"

I know the sentence is as funny as it sounds! Lately whenever betu can't see anything, this is how he communicates to us "Mujhe dikhane nahi de raha!" It is really so funny to hear him say it and to look at his expressions when he says it is soooooo amusing. If you translate this sentence to English it probably sounds funnier "I can't show it to me!"..hahaha...

We try to correct him by saying the correct sentence word by word as slowly as possible such as "Mujhe...dikhayee...nahi...de...raha!" And when he repeats it he will say something like "Mujhe dikhayee dene nahi de raha!" And its really difficult to restrain yourself from laughing hearing him talk like this.

But still we are trying hard to get him to say this statement correctly! Every time he says it we try to correct him but its been a month and we have no luck yet!

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  1. That is so funny and so cute! Now that Rishab has started talking, such things happen with him too. In his case, when we correct him, of course is his inability to speak words and sentences properly. But we also have to resist laughing.