Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Memorable incidents

Ever since he started talking, its really funny the way he responds to things or situations. And now when he understands the full context of the situation, its even more interesting to hear his comments on it. I remember a few of the incidents which I am writing out:
Feb 28, 2006I was watching something very emotional on TV. And me being me I usually get tears when I see something this emotional/sentimental. Anirudh saw my tears and he went to DH and asks for a tissue. DH gives him one. Neither DH knows what he wants the tissue for not I am aware that he's taking a tissue from DH. So after taking the tissue, he comes to me and wipes my tears with it! I was so overwhelmed at his reaction and concern!
(I found this incident in one of the chat logs so could put a date to this incident)
We i.e myself and DH call each other by names and I usually use a shortened version of his name. This I guess is the case for almost all of us. Suddenly he decided to use those names to call me or DH. It used to be so funny hearing him say our names. But we had to keep reminding him not to call us like that but use 'Papa' or 'Mumma'. Sometimes he would agree and sometimes knowingly and intentionally he would call us by our names as he used to enjoy our reactions to that!
Jun 2, 2007Whenever I talk to anyone over the phone and before handing over the phone to DH I usually say "*A* (Dh's name) se baat kariye." I guess he picked it up and whenever he was done talking on phone, he started repeating the same i.e calling his papa by name saying "*A* se baat karo!"
Jun 5, 2007After bathing betu in the morning, I was generally talking to DH saying I'vent put oil on him in a long time. Suddenly betu pipes in "Mumma badmashi karti hai! Oil nahi lagati!"

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