Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some more memorable incidents

I had posted about some of Betu's memorable incidents earlier. Some more cme to my mind recently which I am writing here before they slip my mind again. I do not remember the dates for them but still they are as amusing as they can be :

He's such a tease!
He truly is! Just a few days ago I asked him "Mumma paaru hai na?" He nodded his head. My next question was "Mumma kitnee paru hai? Thodi ya bahut saari?" He had such a naughty smile on his face and after thinking for a while he kept his thumb and the pointer half an inch away from each other said "Itnee!" And started to giggle which basically meant he understood what he was doing and that it was intentional! And when I made a sad face, he came to me quickly and gave me a tight hug and then opened his arms wide and said "Itnee paaru hai!" and hugged me again! It was such a sweeeeeeeeeet moment for me!

I lub (love) you Mumma!
So many times I used to tell Betu, "I love you Betu!" when cuddling with him. However, I never taught him to say it back to me. Suddenly one day he himself responded back by saying "I lub (love) you Mumma!" I was so shocked, happy and got so emotional hearing him say that! That moment will always be etched in my mind. It is too precious for any mother to forget.

"Very good Mumma!"
Isn't it so nice to hear such compliments from your children? It surely makes my day! One thing for which he always says this to me whenever I go to pick him from his daycare is when he sees I've come in my white Maruti 800. So when I go inside the premises, he will ask me "Aap white waali car laye ho?" And when I respond in affirmation (which always is since I only drive that car.). And when he will see the car himself out comes the compliment "Very good mumma!". You will think "why is that?".

This is why. Since my Dad was travelling to US since march, he had left his Maruti Swift with us. And DH used to use it quiet often. In the beginning he used to love the big car and insist on going anywhere in that car ONLY. But later he started insisting on using our white Maruti 800 saying "White waali mein jaana hai!". But after some coaxing and cajoling he would agree. We realised much later why he started to prefer the small Maruti 800 compared to much spacious Swift.

B e c a u s e....his visibility was hampered in Swift as the windows were higher and the seats were more deep! But in Maruti 800 he could easily see things outside!

Aren't the kids these days way to bright for us!!!??


Betu has an alibi for all his deeds..or shall I call them misdeeds!?!
You bet! Whenever he does something wrong and when you ask him "Yeh aapne kiya?" he would promptly respond back saying "Nahi. Monkey ne kiya!". :P So my boy who was just about 2.5 yrs young has had a alibi to cover up all his misdeeds!

His brain works too much for us to handle. It actually started when we were visiting his Dadu-Dadi in Jaipur last year(2006) sometime around October. Sometimes a group of monkeys would come and break the earthen pots for plants outside the house. Once he saw one broken pot and ...

Betu : Yeh kisne kiya? Aapne toda?"

Me : "Nahi. Monkey ne kiya!"

Betu : "Monkey kahan hain?"

Me : " Woh chala gaya!"

Betu : "Moneky badmashi karta hai?"

Me : "Haan.."

That was end of our conversation then. For me it was the end. But it had more impact on his mind than I could have ever imagined. Few hours later, he opened the kitchen drawer when none of us were around and opened one of the masala dabbis (bloxes) and spilled them in the drawer. And when I saw what he had done and asked him about it, he promptly replied "Monkey ne kiya!" And on questioning him ki "Monkey nahi aa sakta yahan! Aapne kiya hai!", he again had an answer for that "Monkey bammashi (badmashi) karke bhaag gaya!". I was left totally speechless hearing his responses! When I narrated this story to his Dadu-Dadi, the couldn't help laughing!

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