Monday, June 18, 2007

His love for books!

I do not remember when I initiated books into his schedule. It was probably when he was around 1. I first started with big picture books of either animals or shapes or fruits etc. At night, I would make stories using the elements in the book and add lot of sound, face and hand expressions into it so that he would enjoy it and also understand it to some extent.

I guess this started our daily bedtime reading schedule. There's been no stopping since then. He loves reading books and there will be hardly any days when he would sleep without reading any. I've had tough times when travelling I forgot to carry any. So its a practice to add his books into my travel checklist without fail now.

There were days when we would get late in putting him to bed and would want to do away with the book time but to no avail. He just wouldn't sleep without it. So we started to reason him saying only 1 book tonight as we are getting late. Sometimes he would agree and sometimes with such innocence and big requesting eyes he would say "Wum mo" (one more) that we would give in. It was impossible not to give in.

The books started to vary as he grew and then came the additions of stories. After reading a book or two he would want me to say a story as well. But it was he who decided which character the story will be about. The character's he knew were from watching Pogo and Disney. They would include

He has a large collection of books as of today and it just keeps growing! I remember the day when we had gone to a bookstore in Feb'07 in Bangalore when we were visiting DH's brother and his family. He was totally awed seeing so many books in the store. He was going from one shelf to the other, picking out a book or two as he went along and putting them all in the basket I was carrying. And then he saw another child sitting in one corner and reading a book. It was like a superb idea for him which he had to do as well. So he selected one corner for himself, picked up 2-3 books, sat down and started flipping through the pages (I feel so stupid now thinking why I didn't click him then).

When it was time for billing, we had to secretly take out 90% of the books that he had placed in the basket. I'm sure reading this incident you can imagine how much he loves books.

One of his latest acquisitions include the electronic book from Fisher price in which you can place its cartridge book and it will play sound and words depending on where you touched it. I will try to post a picture of it soon.

There's another book called "Blue's Clues - Telling time with Blue" which teaches your child to tell time. So after you move the hands on the clock and press the "Time" button it speaks out the time. Its quite an interesting book but I'vent been able to keep his focus on learning to tell time as yet. He gets busy playing with the hands on the clock by putting them in different positions or pressing the sound buttons.

Lot of people really appreciate his love for books and we do too. But we really wonder if this habit will stick long. I hope it does!

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