Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dadu chale gaye!

Betu's Dadu was here for the past 8-9 days and he just loves his company as no prank is bad, and if he gets any scolding from Ma-Pa, Dadu scolds them back! So all in all it’s the best time he can look forward to!

So Saturday afternoon when we reached RTDC office @ Bikaner House, near India Gate, as Papa (his Dadu) was to take a bus to Jaipur from here, betu got really excited looking at all the big buses. He kept asking us "Hum bus mein jayenge?" There were 2 buses standing that time so he would point to each one by one and ask, "Hum isme jayenge?” On hearing that only Dadu would be going and in which bus he got very very upset and said repeatedly "Mujhe bhi Dadu ke saath jaana hai!” So just to console him for that moment we said yes we will go too and that got a big "Yay!" from him.

It started to drizzle soon and betu was more than happy that he is getting a chance to use his froggy umbrella! He always looks forward to rains just to use this umbrella! And I also think its quite a cute one! Here is the pic of Betu with his precious froggy umbrella -

Some time later, he decided he has to go and sit in the bus! So up he went in the bus with Dadu and was ecstatic looking out of the big windows of the Volvo bus. He kept waving at us, pressing his nose against the window and just having a gala time! The pictures below show how much fun he was having being in the bus -

Now taking him out of the bus without having a tussle was a big challenge. So when it was time for the bus to leave, I told DH to tell him let's go buy juice and Betu happily agreed and came down. But as soon as the bus started to move and he could understand that Dadu was going and he wasn't, out came the tears and wailings! He just wouldn't stop crying. When we were going back home and he was still crying, he spotted a white bus! Suddenly the wailing stopped like a button was switched off! He exclaimed, "Look! Dadu ki Bus! Papa udhar jana hai!" Since we were going in the same direction he was very happy and would keep saying "Papa gaadi tez chalao. Dadu ki bus chali jayegi" :D

But when the bus took a turn, which we didn’t have to take, he got so angry, and shouted "Papa humein idhar nahi jaana. Dadu ki bus udhar gayee hai!" When he realised no one was listening, out came the tears again!

This is the first time when he took so long to be consoled. Yesterday he demanded to speak to Dadu. And this is how the conversation went...
Betu: Dadu! Main Anirudh bol raha hoon! Aap kya kar rahe ho?
(Here I prompted him to say namaste)
Betu : Namaste!

Dadu : Namaste! Aap kaise ho?

Betu : Main achha hoon

Dadu : Aap school se aa gaye?

Betu : Aap bus mein jaa rahe the. Main aapko stop kar raha tha. Mujhe bhi bus mein jaana tha!
(He said all this in such excitement that Papa - his Dadu, couldn’t get much of what he was saying so I told him what betu had said)
Dadu: Aapko bhi bus mein aana tha?

Betu : Haan.

Dadu : Aa jayo jaldi se. Theek hai?

Betu : Haan.

Dadu : Aap school se aa gaye?

Betu : Nahi main ghar pe nahi hoon. Main ghar ja raha hoon.

Dadu : Theek hai. Bye.
Betu : Bye
(I've tried to put the words as exactly as he had said them. No words added or corrected. )
We have to go to Jaipur one of the weekends but we are contemplating whether to go by Bus or by Train. With the bus I have only one problem i.e. his nature calls. It would be quite inconvenient to stop the bus whenever he needs to go and sometimes he takes a lot of time too. We have been going by car ever since he was born because of the conveniences that I need not explain as everyone can imagine traveling with a small kid. But just because Betu would love a Bus or a train Journey, we have decided not to travel by our own vehicle.


  1. All the pics are great , especially loved the bus ones. Umbrella is sure cute. You did bad by fooling the little boy.He is such a cutie pie.

    But in all a superub post.

  2. Ohhh Betu is cute in the bus pics, the delight comes across....

    Too bad he was upset, but it happens with each guest, close or distant... sigh! Kids just don't know why they have to leave them and go...