Friday, June 22, 2007

"Meri shaadi ho gayee!"

Yesterday evening we had gone to Lajpat Nagar market for some work. We have a fixed area where we usually park our car and the car parking guy recognises us quite well so he always helps us in getting good parking spots too.

Betu is also quite familiar with the parking lot and which way he needs to take to reach McDonald's! So the moment we parked yesterday, Betu started to walk on his own towards McDonald's and I had to literally run to catch hold of him. In spite of telling him we will have it later, its not dinner time etc. etc. he didn't listen so finally I got him his McVeggie burger with cheese. Was actually thinking of buying the Happy Meal but the toy they were giving him was "Pinocho" from the movie Shrek which was something I knew he wouldn't really appreciate. So decided on ordering a burger separately.

Anyhow, before I go on and on about the outing yesterday, on our way back to car after we were done with our work, he was bought a balloon on demand...those long ones. On way back home, he wraps it around his neck and said "Meri shaadi ho gayee!" For once I thought I didn't hear him right as we had never talked about shaadi etc with him before. So I asked him "Kya?" He again said the same "Meri shaadi ho gayee!" Me and DH burst out laughing and when I asked him "Maala (garland) pahenne se shaadi ho jaati hai?" He nodded his head in affirmation. It was so funny.

Then I asked him "Teri bahu kahan hai?" He goes "Bow?" "Bow to doggie karta hai!" "Usko bow nahi bolte, doggie bolte hain!" :P We were in splits hearing his response!

Just thinking of how he mixed up the word "Bahu" with "Bow" is so hilarious that I can't help laughing even now when I'm writing this!


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  2. OH MY GOD...THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY. I cannot stop laughing LOUD. I am sure going to tease him for this when he grows up.. :)
    I am sure if you would have asked him "Teri Wife Kahan hai" , he would have had an answer to that too.And thank God he did not tell you "Mumma Bow nahi , wife bolte hai"

  3. Totally the kid.Amazing what goes on in their heads...

    Sonny boy got Pinocchio too, but since he knows the story, wasn't too disappointed.

  4. JLT : Good that you have told him the stories. still haven't gone around in telling him stories of Pinocchio and other stories that we used to read as kids!

  5. Swati : It truly was hilarious for us too! I'm sure when he grows up he's goi going to be very offwith me for sharing this incident with all! :D