Thursday, June 21, 2007

Main big boy hoon!

Yesterday when I reached Betu's daycare to pick him up, like usual he came running to me with his arms open. And once he's close enough I pick him in godi and we hug each other. Its almost like a ritual for us! I can't remember any day when we have missed out on doing this. But I guess we need to put a stop to it as my back is starting to give away!

So after the hugging ritual I put him down and as we walk towards the car, he suddenly pipes in "Mumma, Main big boy hoon! Main papa ki gaadi chala sakta hoon!"

Every time he comes with statements like these that just leave me awed! So I asked him "Kisne bola yeh aapko?" He goes "Papa ne!" So I asked "Are you sure? I don't think so.."

He thinks for a while and then says "Nahi papa ne nahi bola. Meri Ma'm ne bola ki main big boy hoon!" Then I again asked him "Ma'm ne bola ki aap papa ki car chala sakte ho?" He goes "Nahi. Mujhe pata hai! Main big boy hoon na! Meri Ma'm ne bola ki main big boy hoon!"

And then he spotted my car and goes "Very good Mumma!" like he always does on seeing my white Maruti!

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