Thursday, June 21, 2007

Testing my patience or being creative?

Betu was literally testing my patience yesterday by doing some mischief or the other. We, myself and Betu, reached home around 6:10 PM after I picked him up from his daycare. Within 5 minutes DH was also home. Like always we had something to munch on, had some juice and then we switched on cartoon network as Betu likes to watch "Richie Rich" which starts at 7:00 PM.

You must be thinking "Cool..a relaxing affair". But wait. It was anything but a relaxing affair. Three incidents happened all in just 1 hour post that.

Incident 1
After watching 10 mins of "Richie Rich" with Betu sitting on my lap, I thought of resting in the bedroom since my back was aching. Since I thought he would keep busy watching it I can get some rest. But sorry no..he wanted to watch it with ME. So I told him mumma is tired so lets play in the bedroom. He agreed and then started to jump on the bed despite me telling him again and again that he might hurt himself. Well I should have been worried otherwise...

During all the jumping sessions, twice he jumped on me. Once his knee hit my pelvic area and it hurt like MAD. Probably on seeing me in pain and realising he's done something wrong, he started crying. I got really angry and asked him why are you crying. "You are the one who hurt Mumma!" Anyhow after some cuddling and talking he went quiet. I thought that was the end of the jumping session. But hell I was so wrong! It soon started again and this time he jumped on my right side of the stomach and again it was his knee that landed there. It hurt like hell! I was almost in tears! Again this time I hadn't said a word to him yet and he starts wailing! I ignored him as I was in too much pain. And the volume of his wailing grew. So DH scooped Betu up in his hands and started talking to him about what he had done and how it hurt Mumma and that he shouldn't be crying but should be saying sorry to Mumma. Well that was that and he went to see his cartoon back in the living room. DH was working on his laptop in another room and I kept resting in the bedroom.

Incident 2
Few minutes later..maybe 5..maybe 10...I got up to just do general house chores and the moment I stepped in the living room and this is what I saw -

When he saw me looking at the floor, he goes "Mumma, maine drawing kari hai!" I was like a erupting volcano by then. So in loud voice I asked him "Yahan Drawing karte hain?" He nodded his head in negative. Then I asked him "Kahan drawing karte hain?" He replied in his whisper like voice "Paper mein." I asked him again pointing to the floor "Yeh paper hai!" He again nodded his head in negative. I just didn't know what to do so I just told him to hold his ears and stand in a corner. He quietly went and stood in the corner holding his ears.

Then I got some water, a scrubber and some liquid soap to clean it up! He had colored up the entire drawing room length. And I was thinking to myself "Am I glad he didn't color up the walls which we had gotten white washed just 7-8 days ago." I started scrubbing and cleaning and my back hurting like mad. (Its another story that I was amused at what he had looked like a staircase to me..:P )

All this while betu is standing in the corner holding his ears and once I was done around 1/4th of the area, I looked at him and said "Haath neeche karo!" as I felt making him hold his ears is not a goo idea. I will just let him keep standing in the corner. The moment he heard me saying that he thought his punishment was over and he started to walk away. So I again told him in my angry voice that he is not supposed to move and to keep standing in the corner. I think he realised what big mistake he had done so quietly obeyed. Once I reached almost the end of the drawing, he blurts out "Mumma yahan bhi hai!" pointing to the extreme end of the drawing. I almost laughed but had to stop as I didn't want him to think its OK. I then saw he had colors on his legs also so asked DH to wash them up. I again thought that was end of it! Wrong again!!

Incident 3
After the scrubbing the floors, I came back to the bedroom to rest some more as now my back was hurting even more. And since Betu was with DH, I thought all will be under control. God knows where my mother instincts were to think like that!

After 15 mins of resting I got up as I felt he just needed to spend time with us and we were just busy with ourselves, he is doing all sorts of mischiefs. So I got up and on the way to the living room, I noticed all the bathroom lights were open. So before switching them off I just thought to look inside just in case DH was not in any of them as the doors were shut. I looked into the loo..all OK . I switched off the light. I looked into the bathroom and I froze. Betu was in the bathroom, with our soap and his liquid bath gel lying around. The bucket was full of water and foam and he was making some more foam by putting some soap between his palms. He had made small small pieces of our Nivea soap and when I picked up his bath gel to put it on the shelf I realised he had emptied almost 1/3 of the quantity that was in the bottle.

I was seeing only red by then but instead of saying anything to him, I took him, washed his hands and told him loudly "Go away!" He goes wailing to his papa saying "Mumma ne danta!" and I was rolling my eyes hearing that!

So all in all quite an eventful day when all I wanted was some bit of rest! Sigh....


  1. ha ha ha. sorry, but ha ha ha. I can so relate to this.

    A gasp escaped me at the staircase on the floor. but I can totally get your counting your blessings tht the newly painted walls were spared. You're a good Mumma.

    Was waiting to find out what the third incident would be- Betu didn't disappoint!;-)

    he's mischievous and a can't-stay-still kid, and that's what good memories are made of..

    you can tell all this to your grandchildren and laugh, just think of that and enjoy now...:-D

  2. That surely is a great way to console myself! Baah!!

    But what I do know is that it will be fun telling my grandchildren about their dad's stories when he was a kid! Hehehe....

  3. Hehehhehe...You know , they are so determined about this.Aryan surely does potty , when I will lie down for a nap or sit for lunch / dinner. And I don't know how he matches the time.

    But in this case , It was just so hilarious.. :D

    Love to Betu

  4. Swati, all kids behave like this. I am forced to think its a pre determined plan.. Aryan is just 11 months and my son is 3 years + and its still the same!!

    It feels like they are soldiers and we are the enemies..and the moment enemy relaxes, they go "Attack!!!" :P