Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Teaching names of family members!

It was about a month and a half ago, somewhere around beginning of May, 2007 when I started to make him learn the names of our family members. He had already picked up ours hearing myself and DH calling out to each other. So I started with teaching him names from my in-laws side. I recited with him names of his Dadu, Dadi, Chachu, Chachi to start with. It all went fine. He pronounced the names just fine.

After few hours I asked him what was Dadu's name just to see if he remembers although I knew he wouldn't since it was a long name. So after thinking for a while he said "Dadu Mittal"! We just burst out laughing on hearing this. In a way he didn't say anything wrong too! He was correct in his own stance. :D

Its just amazing to see how the brain of children work and how they apply logic to various things and situations. The kids these days are way too smart for sure!

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  1. Yes...they apply their own logic and they are rarely wrong :D