Saturday, July 14, 2007

Aapne mujhe nahi daanta?!

I was sitting in our bedroom and writing the previous post when Betu comes and says "Mumma potty ho gaya pyajama mein!" I asked him sternly with a frown on my face "Pyajama mein kyun kiya?". In the most soft voice he says "Galti se ho gaya! Sorry Mumma." Well, I couldn't have gotten angry at him after that..could I? So when I took off his clothes and saw that with wind a bit of it had come out. (Sorry for too much information) Since he has upset stomach due to viral infection I just washed him and asked him to go.

He very surprisingly asks me "Mumma aapne mujhe nahi daanta? Aap gussa nahi ho??" That just hit me so hard. And I wondered that this small child thinks that I scold him at everything and was so surprised that I didn't scold him when he has done something wrong! I wish I could have clicked the expression on this look when he asked me...with eyebrows arched high, eyes wide open and looking at me expectantly. I really felt very bad and now I'm gonna try and not scold him as much as I do.


  1. Nidha, after reading all these posts I feel Anirudh is such a sensible child. Irrespective of what things he does. I too find it difficult not to get angry when I see Rishab do "wrong" things or when he does not listen to me. I also end up screaming at him so many times. As you know i did this course "starke eltern..." which did help me in a few ways and through discussions one more thing which i have tried to manifest in my mind is that in every such situation I shuld try to see the situation from Rishab's perspective before reacting. In the beginning it is difficult, as you already in to the habit of immidiately scolding, screaming, or pointing out what he has done wrong or whatever. But it did help me.
    But you see, that he can come and ask you such questions shows that you have a good bond with him. And I personally am quite impressed by your honesty too.

    Lots of puchchas to Anirudh and you.
    Preeti Mausi.

  2. awwww..thats so shweet. I love this little darling..:)

  3. PG ; I know what you are pointing at but usually I look at things from his perspective post the screaming session and then I feel so bad!

    Swati : Yes, this time I can also say that was so sweet! :D

  4. Oh well !
    I can almost hear my kids saying that... Cruel cruel me! :(

  5. WIAN : Don't be so harsh on yourself. We are human beings after all! (Thats how I console myself :P)