Friday, July 27, 2007

Umm....Mango achha hai!

Anirudh likes to eat mangoes. But more than that he loves to bite into the guthli (the pod with the seed inside). So every time we will cut a mango, he will look for the guthli in the plate. And once done, he loves the mess on his hands and face. He will laugh and say "Mumma sab chhi chhi ho gaya!"

He also loves to eat ice cream but only the stick ones. So the other day I got him that Moo ice cream (forgot what company it was) and it had spots of chocolate on vanilla like cows have on their skin. But when he eats those stick ice creams I literally have to strip him down to the bare minimum as he eats it very slowly and the icecream melts and drips on everywhere. If you look closely at teh icecream you can see one droplet ready to drop down on the plate he is holding!


  1. Slurp, SLURP! Delicious, both- mango and chocolate, AND Betu too!

    Sonny boy loves mangoes and ice creams too.

  2. JLT : delicious betu...hehehehe

  3. my son wont touch mangoes .....nor ice cream.... kya karen???