Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My little monkey!

If you have read my earlier post which I wrote just a few minutes ago, you will know that just a while ago I sent him to his Papa so that he can play. While they are playing, he suddenly holds on to the curtain and swings clutching it tightly between his hands and legs. Me and DH both are like ":O" but also get amused how easily he can swing holding on the curtains. But at the same time we told him not to do again as the pelmets will not be strong enough and might come out and fall over him. And that surely can be dangerous.

But he truly is our little monkey. When he was less than a year old, I taught him to do a kind of a somersault with me. This is how we do it
  • We stand face to face.
  • He holds my its other way round. I hold his hands tightly
  • He then starts climbing on me with my knees a little bent to make it easier for him.
  • He climbs on me till his feet are on my tummy and then he swings backwards!
He loves it and I love it too! I have a video of him doing that. Will try to post it here so that you can see how we actually do it.

Lot of people used to tell me, he will twist his shoulders or get a sprain somewhere but I had read and seen that the bodies of kids his age are quite flexible so I don't worry about it.


  1. Hey ~nm :) Thanks for visiting my blog and your little monkey seems to be a real cutie pie :)
    The book KT is holding is about a visit to the zoo and she absolutely loves it :)

  2. Your little man seems like a handful but soo soo adorable. I think you should put up some pics so we can see the little guy!

  3. COS : Yes, he is a cutie pie and at a brat at the same time!

    fuzzy: Surely will post his pics on the blog soon. And you very aptly said..he truly is a handful!!

  4. Oh dont worry, they are as flexible as rubberbands... let him contort himself as much as he wants, helps the bones stretch and grow too....

  5. If they can't do it now, they never can, so indulge! Let his monkey around to his heart's content.:-D

  6. Looking fwd to seeing that video :)

  7. Karmic : Haha..I couldnt help laughing at the word "Contort himself"..hehehe..its just so apt!

    JLT : Ohh yes! He does INDULGe to his hearts content! There's no stopping even if we want :P

    WIAN : Yes, I will post it as soon as I can find it :P Actually its there on my PC but I just have to locate it. We shot that video quite some time back...maybe 6-7 months ago.