Saturday, July 14, 2007

"This is very no nice!"

A while ago me and Betu were drawing things (yes..again!). He made something which he called a tree. To me it didn't look like a tree at all. So I said. "This is not nice!" Then he made a shaak (Shark) which resembled a shark except for the tail which looked like the tail of a tadpole. So ignoring the tail I said "Very nice!".

Then he handed over the coloring pen to me and asked me to make a tree. When I drew it, he said "No nice!" Then I drew another one he goes "This is nice!" And then I drew another one in another shape and he twists his face and says "This is very no nice!" Hahahaha.....

Later I told him that you say "Its very bad!" if you think its bad. And after I told him, he kept on saying it over and over like a stuck tape record "Very bad!" till I made a "Very nice!" tree again. :D


  1. ha ha....o u never know what goes on in these kids' heads

  2. :)) I wish I was blogging when my kids were as small as Anirudh !

  3. STS: So true..

    WIAN : And I wish I would have started as early as he was born :D But like they "Better late than never"