Monday, July 2, 2007

His new daycare started today...*sigh*....

Today morning we dropped Betu at his new daycare - The Oxford Kids. Somehow I was feeling so empty, so anxious leaving him at a totally new place with all new people.

And this is when he has been going to daycare since he was 9 months which is almost like since the past 2 years. So why am I feeling this way? I was up from 4 AM thinking about him going to the new daycare, thinking on what to send for his breakfast. Thinking on how he will adjust, will he cry, will he tell the new nannies when he needs to use the wash rooms, will he eat fine, will he sleep well....just about everything was worrying me.

I called up his new daycare an hour after leaving him and he was playing good. Another one of his friends from the previous daycare is also going to this new one so that's a big relief for both the set of parents that they have at least one familiar face in the crowd. When I called up this new daycare around 4PM, I got to know they have hired the 3 nannies from the previous daycare too! And that brought about so much relief to me! Now I'm just dying to meet him in the evening and hug him and cling to him. Hehehe..sounds so funny...instead of son clinging to mumma, its the other way round :D

But when I think on this behaviour of me, I feel so stupid. And I wonder how will I react/behave once he starts going to formal school. He will start nursery from next year. Anyhow, I not thinking that far as of yet. Right now I just want to see him!!


  1. Read the later post before this- so can tell you very firmly- All your fears are unfounded, Betu will ove his new playschool. :-)

  2. Stone : I hope that ":-)" is not a mockery at me! :D

    JLT : Yes, and I am so glad that they were all unfounded and that he loved the new place!