Tuesday, July 3, 2007

His first day at the new daycare!

He was happy, playing and eating a slice of cake (the non creamy ones) when we, myself and his papa, reached his new daycare to pick him up in the evening yesterday around 6 PM!

When he saw me coming he ran towards me and hugged me. When he was hugging me, he saw his Papa coming and Betu ran to him to hug him! After coming back from his papa, he opened his mouth wide to show me the cake that he had in this mouth which was his way of telling me he was having a cake! Seeing all this gave me such a big relief!

So on the way back, he's happily plopped in my lap and we are talking. This is how our conversation went:

Me : Aapne kya kiya new school mein?

Betu : Main Pithvi (Prithvi) ke saath khela.

Me : Aapne kya kya khaya?

Betu : Snacks

Me : Snacks mein kya tha?

Betu : Cake

Betu : Aap chale gaye the to main ro raha tha!

Me : aap roye the?

Betu : Haan! Main Mumma-Mumma bol raha tha.

Me : Aap big boy ho na? Rote nahi hain! Mumma shaam ko aati hai na betu ko lene?

Betu : Haan, main big boy hoon. Main nahi royungaa. Pithvi roya tha na ..woh mummy papa bol raha tha

Me : Prithvi roya tha isliye aap bhi roye the?

Betu : Haan. Fir didi ne bola chup ho jayo. Didi ne bola Mummy shaam ko aayegi!

Me : Ok Aapne khoob saara khela? Aapko mazaa aaya?

Betu : Haan.

His Papa : aapne ninni kari?

Betu : Haan kari thi.

Me : Aapko new school achha laga?

Betu : Haan! Achha hai!

And that was it! I needed nothing else to hear! Those were the only words that my ears were yearning to hear!


  1. so cute. my bro also cried teh 1st day in school becoz everyone else were crying

  2. yaaay!! the hurdle is crossed. Betu likes his school, and all's right in Nm's world! :-D

  3. ITW : I'm sure your bro will kill you if you tell your son in front of your bro that their mama cried when he went to school looking at other kids crying :D hahaha..

    JLT : Yes a BIG BIG hurdle crossed. You don't know what shape I was whole of yesterday! It was terrible till I saw him!

  4. Great ..see thats why I said our babies are stronger than us !!

  5. good for you nm...that your son is taking well to the play school.... I am dreadin the day I have to send him to one - bete se zyaada maa royegi for sure

  6. Swati : Definitely our kids are stronger than us..any day!

    STS : Its true, bete se zyaada ma royegi- whether its going to school or the first vaccination or the kid being unwell..just about anything! *sigh*

  7. So nice to hear that Anirudh's enjoying his new daycare. I do think it's much harder on us than on the kiddos though!