Wednesday, July 4, 2007

He's already so manipulative!

Just now when I was posting his other post, Betu was asking me to play with him. So I told him to ask Papa to play with him. He says "Nahi, tum aa jayo. Papa kaam karenge. Tum mere saath Khelo!"

But since I had just got on, I asked him to play with papa for sometime and then Mumma will play with him. So he goes to his papa and says "Papa, ab aap kaam karlo. Mumma mere saath khelegi!" I can overhear all this and I am thinking "How manipulative kids become on their own!"

And that reminded me of another incident when betu's dadu was here about 3 weeks ago. His Dadu must have told him to ask Mumma to give a glass of water. He obediently comes to me but decides to take things in his own hands and in his own style. He asked me "Mumma, aap kya kar rahe ho?" Me, unaware that my FIL has asked for a glass of water, reply back "Mumma kaam kar rahi hai!". So again promptly he goes back to his Dadu and tells him "Mumma abhi kaam kar rahi hai!"

My FIL could make out that betu ne apni khichdi pakayee hai and later when Papa (FIL) called me and asked me what Betu told me, we all laughed thinking how he twisted the things as per his own thoughts.

Kids these days are really too much..baba re baba!


  1. And there we were.. thinking they were innocent little dumplings!;-) the little terrors!

  2. Is it in the air? I wonder how they learn it :)

  3. JLT : Ohh yes, I feel so innocent and so naive in front of them now..hehehe

    WIAN : I wonder too..!