Thursday, July 26, 2007

Clouds toot gaye!

The other day when me and Betu reached home after I had picked him up from his daycare, he happened to see look upwards towards the sky and saw the clouds - the scattered and wave like clouds. Something like this pic that I found on Google -

I had wanted to click them but then the camera just wouldn't switch on. The batteries were dead and needed recharging. Anyhow, the reason why I'm talking about these clouds is the emotion they evoked from Betu. He had such a distraught look on his face and said in such a sad tone "Mumma, clouds toot gaye!" (Mumma, clouds are broken.) Its then that I looked up and saw the clouds myself and was amused how he perceived the whole thing.

But I realised he was quite upset as he went on to say "Mumma, kisne toda clouds ko? Bhagwanji ne?" (Who broke the clouds? God?) (I keep telling him once in a while that Bhagwanji stays up there pointing towards the sky).
But how could I've put such negative thoughts in Betu's mind about Bhagwanji. So I told him "Yeh tootey nahi hain. Yeh aise hi hain!" (These are not broken. They are like that only.)

On hearing my words I see the sadness, the worry disappear from his face slightly and amusement taking over and he asked "Yeh aise hi hain?" (These are like this only?) and when I said yes in affirmation he was satisfied and not unhappy anymore. All the concern just vanished away and he happily went inside the house.


  1. awwww..this is so so so sweeeeeeet. BIG PUCHA To him.

    Kids amaze us by their innocence and curosity.

  2. How cute:D I am trying to imagine the look on his face when he said the clouds are broken:)

  3. Oooooooh! He is just so sweetu! How eagerly I am waiting to see him and hold him in my arms (and maybe after we get friends enough also give him puchchas). So, for now you will have to do that on my behalf.

  4. @all : Yes it sure was such a innocent remark from him

  5. Simply beautiful imagination and emotions from dear Betu. Give him a hug from me.