Thursday, July 26, 2007

Being so bossy!

Yesterday Betu's Dadi-Dadu had to travel from Bangalore to Jaipur. So when I called them up in the evening to know about their well being and to know if their journey was fine, I had just spoken few sentences and Betu said he has to talk to Dadu. So I gave the phone to him.

After his conversation, he pressed some button saying "Aap baat nahi karoge. Maine phone band kar diya." He thought he had disconnected the phone but he hadn't. This is something he still has to learn i.e. which button disconnects the call. So I took the phone from him and papa (betu's Dadu) was laughing at the other end as he had heard what betu had said. So when I said "Mujhe Dadi se baat karni hai", Betu immediately chimed in "Nahi, mujhe bhi baat karni hai" and he took the phone from me again and spoke with his Dadi.

Once done talking, again he did the same thing i.e pressed a button and said "Nahi, aap baat nahi karoge" and probably he realised that it was still on and so to make sure that it gets disconnected, he went it and put the cordless back on its cradle. This he knows will disconnect the call for sure. After that he had such a satisfaction on his face! It was worth capturing on camera! As if he felt so contended that he was able to boss on me.

This I feel was triggered from the fact that when any non-family call comes and he keeps asking for the phone to talk and we don't let him. He does feel offended however much we console him and tell him later that it was from office. So this is the way he takes his revenge back on us. :D


  1. Oh my God, I didn't know this could last so long. From the moment the phonecall comes until it is over, it is most of the times so hard to calm Betu down. But I found that so cute! So, this is one situatrion I could point out to you, where you didn't loose your termper. I think this could very well have been one (refering to your other post).

  2. :-) the 'office' calls have marred several of Sonny boy's days as well. But now, he doesn't throw a tantrum when he is not allowed to speak.