Friday, July 20, 2007

Laughing or talking in sleep?

How many of you have experienced your children laughing or talking while they are sleeping? I really get amused at Anirudh when he does that. Sometimes he will laugh, and sometimes he will talk. I remember the first time he laughed in his sleep was when he was just about 6-7 months young. I was really really amused then. But slowly I guess I got used to it and never gave much attention.

He caught my attention once again when he started saying word(s) while sleeping. And lately his talking in sleep has been quiet frequent. Earlier when he had just started talking, lot of the words seemed incoherent to me. But now anyone can understand what he is saying.

I remember a week ago, he had wanted to play with the clay which I had hidden away as we had noticed his bronchitis allergy would get aggravated whenever he would play with clay too often. But about 10 days ago when I was cleaning some stuff he found it. And since I was not giving him those, he was quite mad with me. I guess since he slept off with being angry with me, suddenly around 1 Am he wakes up and with his eyes closed started saying, "Gimme my play (clay)" in an angry tone. It took me about 2 mins to console him and make him sleep again.

And yesterday, he first giggled, then laughed out loud and then was saying words "Nahi, Bilkul Nahi!" (No, Not at all!) and then after 10 mins he again goes "No talking to you!"(he tries to imitate my sentence when I get angry with him and say "I'm not talking to you!") and then after few minutes he goes "NO!"

I don't know if I can just get amused with it and sleep or should I pay more attention to it and talk to child psychiatrist about it. Is it too young for a child of 3y 3m to be laughing or talking in his sleep and that too so often?

As of now I just smile when I hear him doing so while still in deep sleep!


  1. I think that talking in sleep is quite normal. My bro still talks in his sleep. But it's never clear.

    There is this saying that babies smile in their sleep when angels come down to earth and kiss them. :)

  2. there is so much they seem to be storing in their little heads... my little girl wakes up with some clear agenda or the other - i guess an extension of what she dreamt... this morning she woke up and went scurrying for the silly lal chappals she adores...

  3. just enjoy. Sonny boy does too, and I simply love hearing his chortles in his sleep.

  4. Its perfectly normal. I dont think you should get worried :)

  5. My bro does so and anupam says even i do sometimes...:)

  6. I have read about this and it's supposed to be quite normal at this age.

  7. Just enjoy it...the brat has huge extended debates in his sleep. Quite a revelation sometimes. Ninety percent it is a fight with me. "No Mamma, no, dont wanna..... (whatever)"