Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Talking like an adult!

On Sunday, one of our neighbour and his son Mitr dropped by for few minutes. Mitr is about 4 months younger than Anirudh. So Anirudh and Mitr started to play with the jigsaw puzzles and were having a gala time. Whatever one would do other would repeat. Be it talking, or throwing or stacking..just about anything. When I offered a cookie to Mitr, Anirudh wanted one too. And this is when I had asked Betu if he wants one just minutes before Mitr came with his dad and Betu had flatly refused saying "Yeh achha nahi hai!".

July 22, 2007 : Mitr and Anirudh playing with Jigsaw Puzzles
Anyhow, so after cookie time when I asked them if they want water. This time Mitr said no and Betu said yes. So Mitr changed his stance immediately and said he wants water too. :D

I noticed a small injury near the left eye of Mitr and I asked him "Yeh kaise lagee?" and he said "Kabir ne maara". I assumed it must be one of his school friends. Immediately Anirudh pipes in "Dawai kha lena. Theek ho jayegi." And then Betu took Mitr back to the play area holding his arm.

What amused me the most was that 10 minutes before Mitr came, Betu was in completely angry mood, wailing continuously and getting angry at my as I was not allowing him to suck his lower lip (he has this bad habit of sucking his lower lip since he was an infant and I'm still struggling to get him get over this habit as its spoiling his teeth). And the moment he sees a playmate he is all happy and chirpy.

So many times I feel there are mood switches somewhere hidden on these kids. I'm still trying to find where they are on Anirudh. :D

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