Friday, July 13, 2007

It hurts to see your children not well!

Betu has been down with viral since Wednesday night. I had been praying hard that he doesn't catch the infection but he finally caught it too. Every 5th person I talk to is down with viral. Seems like viral has stuck onto Delhi for ever. Earlier it used to be seasonal thing with it coming with monsoons but now its there all around the year, its attacking all!

Its really upsetting to see children when they are ill. I know there are times when I pray that Betu sit still and quiet for sometime but when he does when he is ill, I Hate it! Simply hate it! I want him back to his jumping around and doing all sorts of pranks! I don't like him lying in the bed like that at all!

Today was the 2nd day since he's been down with it. And these two days that I've spent with him have been just great minus his viral. We have been doing so much masti and so much talking during these two days I had taken off from work and for few moments I tried to imagine life if I quit and become a SAHM. Anyways I've talked about it so much that I don't want to go on about it again.

During these two days we read stories and recited various poems from his school book, watched 'Thomas' and 'Bob the Builder' DVDs, watched Tom & Jerry on TV and just cuddled together! He has been such a loving boy giving me a peck every now and then. But then he's been trying to bully me too into doing things saying "Nahi to main naraaj (naraaz) ho jayunga!" :D

Something to which you will all agree is that its such a wonderful and satisfying feeling when a child sleeps off in your lap! Isn't it? It has happened so any times but each time it happens I feel the same warmth,the satisfaction as ever. Yesterday also Betu was so restless and as soon as I took him in my lap, he dozed off within minutes! And I just couldn't help admiring the little child sleeping with such innocence, such serenity on his face and feeling so secure in the arms of his Mumma!

Today when he was feeling much better with fever not going over 100 C, we did bits of wrestling - yes..with fingers entwined with each others and trying to push the other on the ground and finally he won by pinning me down and sitting on my tummy and jumping "Yay! Yay! Yay!" :D Losing from your children is never looked at as losing at all..right? :D

After the wrestling match we got on to pillow fights! It was so much fun too! But he's such a meanie that the moment I would manage to hit him, he will make such a face as if how badly I have hurt him. But if he hits me, its just fine!

One thing which relieved me of whatever anxiety I had left about his new school was his statement yesterday morning when he was running about 101 C fever and he says "Mumma Jaldi ready ho! New school jaana hai! Hum late ho jayenge!" When I told him we will not go today but have masti and cuddly time with Mumma he agreed. Then again in the afternoon, he goes "Mumma, new school jaana hai!" What more can a parent ask for!

And he becomes such a mature lil baby when he's unwell. He will say no to all the things to which we say no too! For e.g he will very seriously say "Mumma, no chocolates, no toffees, no cold drinks! Only juice!" These are the lines that I teach him. But he remembers them only when he is not well. Otherwise these are long forgotten! :D

And if by chance I've given him a chocolate, and next day he gets even a wee bit of pain in the tummy, it becomes my fault "Mumma, tumne kal mujhe chocolate diya tha na, isliye mere pet mein dard ho raha hai!" *rolling my eyes*

Just as I was typing this post, he brings my phone to me, points at his picture which I've set as wallpaper and asks "Yeh kaun bachha hai?" And when I replied, yeh to Anirudh hai, he goes "Yeh pyaru betu hai!"

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  1. :) cute! looks like you turned sick day into fun day!

    I took the day off too, but couldnt have as much fun as you did!