Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Mumma gaana suna do"

I have a song that I used to sing when it was bed time ever since he was few days young - "Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu..." and he would immediately doze off. Slowly and slowly, when and how I don't know but the frequency of my singing it to him reduced but did not stop completely. I only realised lately how much he still likes to hear it when once when he was really sleepy and cuddling with me, I thought he was actually asleep, when suddenly I hear this tiny little voice saying "Mumma, gaana suna do!"

How my heart swelled with pride that there's at least one person who appreciates my singing..err..braying is a more apt word for it. But on second thoughts when he dozed off in just about 2 minutes I was wondering probably I do sing that bad that he finds it so boring that he dozes off!

Oh well, whatever..but I decide to take the former reason - that he appreciates my singing. Hehehe...

Then we have a poem that I coined when it was his "brush-your-teeth" time. He hates brushing his teeth. I think he doesn't like the tingly feeling of the paste despite the fact that I use the Colgate children's toothpaste - the one with the tweety on it in strawberry flavor. So just to distract hm I coined this poem. It goes like this

"When you get up in the morning,
brush your teeth,
brush your teeth.
You brush in and out,
You brush up and down,
You brush brush brush,
You brush brush brush"

Its really a task to get him to brush his teeth and sometimes he wails but actually his wailing makes my task easier. Why? Because his mouth is wide open because he is wailing and I can brush easily as I can see every nook and corner in his otherwise little mouth :D
I guess today was my lucky day as he came himself and said "Mumma, its brush-your-teeth time!" What more could I want! And I started brushing. So he stops me in the middle and says "Mumma, gaana to sunao!"

Just now, while I was writing this, Betu came to me and gave me 3 puchhas - one on each cheek and one on the lips..yes one on the lips. I don't know where he learnt it from but its been almost a year since he does that once in a while. And he fights with us if we don't let him do the third one! :D And that's not all, he also said "I lub(love) you Mumma!"

All I have to say now is "Thank You God! For giving me such a precious little child!"

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