Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Now you love it, now you don't!

Remember those days when we used to eagerly wait when our little ones would say "Ma" or "Mumma". And how we jumped with joy mixed with excitement, got so emotional and sentimental when they finally did! Every time they would say "Mumma" we would reach the 7th heaven and those words used to sound so soothing and loving and nothing better that you could have asked for.

But now are the days when I don't get that lovely-dovey feeling when he calls out saying "Mumma" every 5 to 7 seconds. It irritates the hell out of me. After every "Mumma" call, when one thing he is asking for is settled, 5 seconds later the second call will come. Once second call is listened to, within few seconds the third call comes and so on and so forth.

Have any of you have faced such situations? If you have, do you not find it irritating? Is it that I've low levels of patience? I so try that he spends some time playing on his own but so far I don't see any signs of it. Just as I'm writing this a thought crossed my mind. A thought which makes me feel guilty for thinking like this. He stays in a daycare during weekdays till 6 PM. Its only Saturday and Sunday that he gets to spend with us for full. And that way he is totally justified in demanding our attention then. Then why do I get irritated hearing "Mumma" "Mumma" every 5 seconds? Am I wrong for wanting some "me" time during weekends?

I don't know the answers and sometimes feel too bad at my behaviour and feel I'm not being receptive to his needs and wants.


  1. ah, the guilt catches up with us all at times. But then nobody's perfect... and some days are just grouch days :-)

  2. awwwwww!
    Dont feel bad! I guess most of us go through these ups and downs!