Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Talking on phone

Betu is home today with his Papa as he has had a viral relapse. So I keep calling to see how they are doing. So when I called last, Betu picked up the phone. Its just so sweet to hear his voice on phone. He sounds like such a sweetu baby! :D And the conversation we had was so funny and so sweet at the same time.
(I've dialled home number and the phone is ringing and betu picks up the phone)
Betu : Hello?

Me : Hello Betu!

Betu : Hello Mumma!

Me : Aap kasie ho?

Betu : Main theek hoon.

Me : Aapki tabiyat kaise hai?

Betu : Theek hai.

Me : Aapne khana khaya?

Betu : Haan

Me : Aapne kya khaya?

Betu : Subjee (Subzi)

Me : Kiske saath khaya?

Betu : Papa ke saath

(I had to really control myself frm laughing out loud as I was sitting in the office along with 3-4 odd people around me. What I was trying to ask him was he had subzi with roti or with what?)

Me : (trying to control my laugh) Roti ke saath?

Betu : Haan

Me : Aur aapne kya kiya?

Betu : Maine book suna!

(yes, he 'heard' the book..he said it right :D He has some talking books which he loves)

Me : Aapne ninnu kiya?

Betu : Nahi kiya

Me : Achha, papa ko phone de do. Bye

Betu : Bye

(And he handed over the phone to his papa.)

I wish I can record how sweet he sounds on phone but I don't have a phone which will allow me that. ow sad..how very sad!


  1. how sweet and the previous post - wow, u have a little Mr. Raymond in your home!

  2. lol
    Enjoyed it......

  3. haha papa ke saath actually sounded quite normal, until given the context. LOL! our kids sure can make us laugh from the heart.

    Hope he's better now.
    its that season, i guess, Sonny boy is down too with a terrible hacking cough and fever

  4. i hope he's feeling better already. yes kids say the sweetest things - I'm waiting for my betu to start talking coherently...

  5. Wow! That is so cute. My son still isn't at the age when he talks much on the phone. The phone is found to be more useful for pushing buttons and baging on floor...

  6. JLT : Yes, he's better now but in 3 days of illness he has lost a lot of weight. I hate it when months of efforts in making them gain some weight goes down the drain with just 3 days of illness.

    STS : You will love it and hate it(when they just refuse to stop!) both at the same time although the ration between love and hate will be 90:10 :D

    ROhini : Even Anirudh has his off and on days. There are days when he just refuses to talk on phone.

  7. Aww.. so cute!I think you ought to find a way to record these adorable talks. Hope betu is feeling better now!