Monday, July 9, 2007

"Main isse ticket khareedunga"

Saturday night i.e July 7, 07 Betu's Dadu-Dadi came from Jaipur. They had a flight to B'lore yesterday night i.e July 8. Betu really gets sad when Dadu goes away. In the beginning when we were getting ready to drop them at the airport, he was all excited. But when Dadu-Dadi started to go away inside he started insisting to go with them. When I told him we do not have a ticket so we can't go, he understood the point since we both play games involving tickets. For e.g. he will not let me enter the room till I produce a ticket which would be anything from a piece of paper to a pen to a potato! :D

Just before entering the airport, his Dadi gave him some money to buy something for him. He took it and on his own said Thank You. Later when we are on the way to home and he's all the time waling "Dadu ke paas jaana hai!", suddenly the crying stops and shows us the money that his Dadi gabe him and says "Mumma, hum isse ticket khareedenge, fir main bhi Dadu ke saath jayunga!" Me and DH wre both totally dumbstruck. This little boy who is just 3yrs 3months is thinking of every means so that he can be with his Dadu! Kids these days are really amazing and beyong our imagination!

Me and DH got a bit emotional looking at his eagerness to join his Dadu...showed how much he loves spending time with them and them just being around him. Sigh...


  1. So sweet :)
    I remember the time when my daughter wanted something from a shop. I tried to evade it by saying "I dont have money". She immediately said "bank se nikal lo na" :)
    They are much sharper than we think they are, isnt it?

  2. so sweet. Did you tell this to Dadu? I bet he'll come home faster, and stay longer the next time. :-)

  3. WIAN : You bet! Much much sharper than we think!

    JLT : Ohh yes I did. And he had a hearty laugh and said "kitna dimaag chalta hai betu ka!" :D