Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm a kool dude!

Whenever we go out during the daytime when the sun is quite bright he will cover his eyes and promptly say "Bahut garmi hai. Mere goggles kahan hain?" :D

Here is the pic of him sporting his favourite RED glares -

How I remember the day when we had gone to the optician to get my pair of goggles and he wanted one too. We tried so hard that he takes the black with grey combination or the blue with black combination but NO. He wanted ONLY & ONLY these red ones!

The only good part is that we got these as complimentary from the shop owner. That's another thing that I paid ransom of 2.5K for mine :P So as they say, "There's no such thing as free lunch!" :D


  1. He looks very cute in them. I remember when we got Sunu her first pair...she wore it even while sleeping:D

  2. MNP : Hahaha..thats so adorable..sleeping with them :D

    Stone : Will convey your compliments to him! :D

  3. ekdum cool shades hai, bhai!!!
    of course kids luv bright colors - why wud he want the sober colored ones?

  4. red or blue.. kids look cute in any colour...

  5. I think they look lovely on him!
    He is looking so cute.

  6. STS, Asha and pg : Yes, now I've gotten used to those birght red glares. They actually are much brighter red than they seem in this pic. They are almost blood red.