Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mixed emotions!

I can't help gushing over just about everything that he does or says - a typical mom you might say. And I worry "Kahin meri nazar nahi lag jaye!". I know some of you might say what old fashioned woman thinking of nazar etc. But yes, I also used to think of others in this manner before we had our Betu. But now sometimes I also think on those lines. Call me old fashioned but sorry..can't help it.

I was just reminiscing today's events and I felt so contented, so happy and so very everything looking at my little baby. Err..little baby might be a little too far fetched since he's actually a big boy now...at least the baby looks are gone and I miss those baby looks.

Anyhow, before I move away from the topic which I happens almost all the times I start to write, let me come back to what I wanted to say. Today morning when I said 'Bye' to him when I went for work and told him "Mumma shaam ko aayegi Betu ko lene ke liye" he says "Jab aap shaam ko aayoge na, tab main aapko pyaree karunga!" I was so overwhelmed and thought what more could I ask for! :D

But in the evening, after coming home he was testing my patience way too much. Throwing things here and there, banging at the doors with whatever he could lay his hands on, rolling on the floor, and when I picked him up to calm him down by cuddling he tried to poke his fingers in my eyes, pulled my cheeks hard saying his usual "Cheeku Mumma!", pulled at my clothes and just about everything. I had to do more of "Calm down" to self than to him. This whole wild situation lasted for about 15 mins. One might say just 15 mins but hey, when kids behave like this, 15 mins look way too long! And then I was thinking where was my sweet little child from the morning?

Anyhow after some stern warnings and cuddling and trying out everything I had him under control in about 20 odd minutes. *whew* Then another task started. We had to go and get our passport pictures clicked as well as the mini family picture to give at his pre-nursery school. When I opened his cupboard and took out the T-shirt, he decided he doesn't want to wear it. He went and got out the lone full sleeves t-shirt with Superman on it which I presumably forgot to pack away with his winter clothes. He was hell bent on wearing that sweatshirt in this sweaty sweltering weather. Getting him to wear the one I wanted was getting almost impossible so I had to bribe him saying I will get you a balloon. Usually this works but today, he was not to be coaxed into things easily. So I forcefully put on the t-shirt and then started the shrill cries as if hell had broken loose.

I'm sure my neighbours must be thinking I torture him way too much as for the past some time, months rather, he starts wailing at the drop of the hat.

Anyhow, we somehow managed to get him into the car with his own will and off we went. Once at the studio he refused to smile. *Rolling my eyes*. Somehow a faint smile appeared and we had to settle with that shot. When we left after an hour later from the studio I was thinking "Sigh..another task completed!"

As soon as we were on the way, I looked at my watch..it was 8:30 PM. And I thought, the moment one task ends, starts another - the task of cooking dinner as our cook will be gone by the time we would reach home. But the task turned to be an enjoyable one just because of betu! Yes, the same betu who was making me so mad just an hour or so ago.

While I was cooking he comes and says "Mumma main aapki help karoon?" Aww..I was so totally floored by his statement. Instead of saying no I told him to spread the newspaper in the bedroom as I decided to eat in the bedroom as only our bedroom has the AC. He happily went hopping and got it spread. Once done he again came to me and asked "Mumma, khaana ban gaya?" When I said "Bas abhi ban jayega", he again asks me "Mumma main ab kya karoon?" So I gave him the three plates along with the spoons and he so happily goes to the bedroom to lay them out. Then he comes back and says "Mumma, katori to de do! Daal kisme khayenge?" Every time he offered his helping hand I couldn't help thanking god for giving me such an adorable little baby!

Once I had served all the food in the bowls to take to the bedroom he chimes up "Come on Mumma!"...a phrase which I heard him using the first time! I'm sure he must have picked it up from the school. The tone he said it in was just so sweet to hear. And that's when I wondered that 2 hours ago there was this brat making me want to tear my hair out and now here's a child who wants to help mumma and is so excited by the simple thing as having dinner in the bedroom with Mumma-Papa!

So with its ups and downs of betu's behaviour, its the ups that keep me going! Its these ups which make me forget all the downs and makes me thank God for giving me such an adorable baby! "I love you beta!"


  1. It's so true that just when you think you have had enough they surprise you with such love and affection it chokes you up!Your betu is one cutie!!

  2. So shweet ..so heartfelt.Anirudh is a sweetheart.

  3. Their love is so precious, and their tantrums too !

  4. fuzzy : Yes "Chokes you up" is a very apt phrase that we can use with our children. Either they choke us up with anger or with affection :D

    Swati : Thanks

    Popins : True..everything about them is precious!

  5. Aww, Mumma's little helper. Adorable. Love the slide show you've got going on your sidebar as well.

  6. I can so relate with the post. D gives me these 5 minutes tantrums every now and then to test my patience, but as you said one smile from them with a loving gesture makes you forget everything else.

    The slideshow is neat :)

  7. lovely pics of cutie Anirudh on your sidebar.

  8. Moppets Mom, rdbans and JLT : Thanks for appreciating hte slide show. I had been wanting to put pictures of Betu since so long but was confused how can I update it often and then I found this nice cool tool! I love it too!

  9. I could totally identify with this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story... this is my everyday.
    Arent they absolutely adorable in the way they make us dance to their tune...

  10. Oh yes... we change our minds in minutes, dont we :) so sweet!

  11. o that is just soooo swet - he growing up to be a fine young man!!!

  12. Karmic : "Jekyll and Hyde" its just the apt thing for the situation

    WIAN : Ohh yes, it takes seconds to change your minds. Just a glance at their faces and we melt like ice on a burner!

    STS : Thanks!